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Nest Boxes

With the decline in garden birds over recent years a nest box is a great addition to a garden providing shelter and a safe and secure home for birds to thrive. It's also a great way to introduce children to British wildlife and may even reduce your garden pests. The information below explains the details of my nest boxes.

Timber Thickness

The size of timber I use for my nest boxes is thicker than most other nest boxes you can buy. I use 22mm thick timber which results in better insulation in the winter and cooler temperatures in the summer then thinner timber.

Nest Box Finish

The interior of all my nest boxes is natural untreated wood so it is as safe as possible for nesting birds. I offer a choice of exterior finishes depending on your preference. 

  1. Natural untreated wood.

  2. A water repellent sealant applied.

  3. Painted with a water repellent top coat.

Nest Box Cleaning

In order to clean and stop the build up of waste or parasites my nest boxes come with drainage holes and opening panels to allow access inside for easy cleaning if needed. It is important not to clean a nest box when it is still occupied, wait until the end of the season, October or November time is probably best.


To ensure a stronger construction and longer lasting nest box I use water resistant non toxic glue on all joints along side brad nails and decking screws.

Building Material

Choose between Larch and Western Red Cedar for the construction of your nest box. I use these woods because both are considered good for outdoor use. Larch wood is known to have tough, waterproof and durable qualities. A more expensive choice is western red cedar, this has a natural resistance to rot, decay and insect damage.

Entrance Hole/ Front Panel Size

You can try and encourage different types of bird into your nest box by the size of  hole or height of the front panel for open fronted nest boxes. I offer a choice of openings when you purchase. Please see the guide below.


Where screws are used in the construction of the nest boxes I always use exterior long lasting decking screws.


Don't worry about having to find screws and wall plugs if you buy a nest box. Included in the price are all fixings and fittings you will need such as a superior 3mm galvanised chain and hook for hanging nest boxes and screws, wall plugs and brackets for wall mounted boxes.

Bird hole and front panel size

The following sizes are for guidance only.
Bird hole size guide
bird hole size graphic illistration

My Nest Boxes

Tree Trunk Texture
Hanging bird box

Featherstone Hanging Nest Box

The Featherstone hanging nest box also comes as a wall mounted nest box and as with all my nest boxes, fixings and fittings are included in the price.

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