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The Woodman's Wordtrees

A unique way to capture life's special memories

 A perfect personalised gift for a loved one or for yourself.

Options for Wordtrees are limitless. Word Trees are a great way of remembering those special first words or sayings of your children, capturing family memories, weddings or good times shared with a best friend, the choice is yours.

Choose between a beautifully hand-crafted solid oak wordtree or a high quality lustre print wordtree.

(Print only, frame not included)

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solid oak mature tree wordtree example.
Portrait blue lat background with solid oak word tree
Word tree on the wall in a room setting

Your Story ~ Your Wedding ~ Your Family

Childrens Wordtrees
A child's first words, their unique sayings or words, favourite food, pets, tv programs, toys they always play with, games they play, loved ones, places they go, funny memories, the naughty things they do.


Family Wordtrees
Holidays, things you do together, hobbies, happy memories, funny memories, family treats, a family members little pleasure, a special occasion, favourite foods, days out, favourite places, memorable meals.

Friend Wordtrees

Childhood memories, school day memories,nights out, nights in, shared experiences, favourite hangouts, concerts/events, hobbies, joint pleasures, your funny sayings.

Wedding Wordtrees

Pet names for each other, chat up line, nights out, best man and bridesmaids, where you proposed, favourite restaurants, where you met, funny stories, holidays together, wedding venue, honeymoon destination.

Choosing your medium.

My wordtrees come as a laser engraved solid oak wall mounted tablet or a high quality lustre print.

For solid oak tablets

Traditional trees and Palm trees come in portrait.

Mature trees come in landscape.

Made from 20mm thick solid oak.

Portrait - 335mm x 220mm.

Landscape - 220mm x 335mm.

For lustre prints

Traditional trees, Palm trees and Mature trees all come in portrait and landscape.

C-type photo prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional DPII Lustre Paper.

Available in A4 and 16"x12" sizes.

(Print only - frame not included)

Portrait next to pencil background_edited.png


'Solid oak'

'Childs phrases/words' wordtree made from solid oak with a routed cove top edge.



'Lustre print'

'Best friends' wordtree print in red.

Available in in A4 and 16"x12" with a choice of colours.

(Print only - frame not included)

Choosing your tree image.

Traditional tree example.png

'Traditional tree'

Palm tree example.png

'Palm tree'

Mature tree example.png

'Mature tree'

Choosing your phrases and words.

Wordtree title plate

This is where you put the heading and any other information you want as the title to your wordtree.

(Please list in order from top to bottom)

title plate info of examples of solid oak wordtress.

Phrases and words.

Try and enter the amount of phrases/words required for the tree image you choose. I can only guarantee to use the set number of phrases/words stated for the tree you choose but it is important to include as many more as you can. Your extra phrases/words are used as fillers to help shape and fill in any gaps and help with the final look of the wordtree. The order of the filler phrases/words does not matter as these are used at random for best fit.


As a guide try and use an even mixture of phrases/words between 4 and 10 words and 1 and 3 words, with one or two longer 11 to 18 word phrases.


Word Trees are fun and allows you to capture words and memories as you remember them so it is important to enter words exactly how 'you' want them spelt. This allows you to emphasize words and write them how your child says them for example. (a child might pronounce tractor as tractata, or teddy bear as teeedy bear, etc)

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