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A place to escape, to relax, to entertain, to play, what ever your garden represents to you, over the last couple of years your garden has probably become a lot more important.  
I offer a range of products that I hope will enhance, assist and help you enjoy your garden that little bit more. From bird boxes to garden furniture my focus is to provide quality products with little extra touches that you may not find elsewhere. My product sizes and colours are not limited to what I offer on my website and I will be happy to try and help make my products fit in with your own garden, so do not hesitate to enquire about different colours etc.
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From Workshop to Garden
Decking Planters
Little Extras
Natural Nest Box Finish
Commissioned Bird Table
Larger Garden Items
New Designs
For more information about the products I make please click below.

 Nesting Boxes 


 Bird Tables 


 Bird Feeders 








Gardening Tools

Still to come

Seats, Hutches, Pet Runs, Potting benches and More...

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