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Bird Tables

A great way to interact and get close to nature is the addition of a bird table to your garden. A bird table can provide a safe haven for feeding birds and a well maintained bird table throughout the winter months is sure to be popular when natural food is harder to source for wild birds. 

Bird Table Sizes

Choose from a range of bird table sizes to suit your personal requirements. My tallest bird table stands at a little under 2m tall with a feeding platform accessible to bigger birds. The smallest bird table is a little over 1m tall and is ideal for children to maintain and feed the birds themselves.

Bird Table Finish

Depending on the bird table you choose it will either come stained with an exterior wood stain or in the case of my painted bird tables a choice of exterior paint colour with a water repellent top coat. With my painted bird tables the feeding platform is left unpainted and with no water repellent top coat.


To ensure a stronger construction and a longer lasting bird table I use water resistant non toxic glue on all joints along side brad nails or decking screws.

Building Material

All my bird table stands are made from pressure treated spruce or pine, along with some roofs and roof supports. The bird table feeding platforms and some roofs are made from marine board, a more expensive and higher quality plywood made for outdoor use.


Where screws are used in the construction of the nest boxes I always use exterior long lasting decking screws.

My Bird Tables

Tree Trunk Texture
Green bird table

The Dally Children's Bird Table

With a feeding platform 80cm from the ground the Dally bird table is ideal for children to maintain and learn about wild birds.

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