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Bird Feeders

With a bird feeder we can help provide a reliable source of food all year round for wild birds and their young. This can help support the British bird population with bird feeders thought to have increased the population of some bird species.

Building Material

Depending on bird feeder you choose the construction of your bird feeder will either be made from, or a combination of 22mm thick larch known to have tough, waterproof and durable qualities, pressure treated spruce or pine or high quality marine board.

Bird Feeder Cleaning

In order to stop the build up of waste or parasites it is recommended to clean bird feeders regularly.


To ensure a stronger construction and longer lasting bird feeders, I use water resistant non toxic glue on all joints along side brad nails and decking screws.

Bird Feeder Finish

There is a range of finishes to my bird feeders from untreated natural wood to painted and sealed with a water repellent topcoat depending on which bird feeder you purchase. Please see individual bird feeder for more information on how it is finished.


Where screws are used in the construction of the bird feeders, I always use exterior long lasting decking screws.


Don't worry about having to find screws and wall plugs if you buy a bird feeder. Included in the price are all fixings and fittings you will need such as a superior 3mm galvanised chain and hook for hanging bird feeders and screws, wall plugs and brackets for wall mounted feeders.

Tree Trunk Texture

My Bird Feeders

Multi sectioned bird feeder.

Chillingham Bird Diner

The Chillingham wall mounted feeding diner has 4 feeding troughs with removable perspex dividers to enable the option of two larger troughs.

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