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Larch bird box extra thick

Featherstone Open Nest Box


The Featherstone open nest box is made of 22mm thick untreated Larch or Cedar with a open front for birds such as Robins to nest.


  • 22mm untreated Larch or Cedar
  • Open front
  • Drainage holes
  • Side opening for cleaning of nest box
  • Hanging bracket included


Please fill in all the options for a final price.

  • Size

    Width - 300mm

    Height - 240mm

    Depth - 145mm


    All sizes may vary slightly due to the nature of making hand made products.

  • Hole size guide

    • 25 mm for blue, coal and marsh tits
    • 28 mm for great tits, tree sparrows and pied flycatchers
    • 32 mm for house sparrows and nuthatches
  • Northumberland Castles

    Featherstone Castle


    Situated on the banks of the river South Tyne, Featherstone Castle is a Grade 1 listed large gothic style mansion which I once had the pleasure of visiting in the middle of the night during a thunder storm to restore its power. An old white bearded man opened the big heavy oak door in the pitch black and lead me along the stone passage ways, past suits of armour and down to a basement where the meter board situated before leaving me alone to fix the fault. It's fair to say the hairs were standing up on the back of my neck!

Mag Glass Product Page

Personalised Font and Image gallery.

Some woods are better suited for laser engraving than others. For that reason not all of my products can be laser engraved.  The same piece of wood can also show varying results of engraving from the laser burn due to the woods grain, density, moisture content, knots and blemishes etc. Any small areas of an image that does not appear to be engraved is not a fault but due to the wood itself.

Product Colour

As wood is a natural product it will have natural colour and grain variations. This also applies when oiling or staining wood meaning the same species of wood may have colour variations from piece to piece. Please bare this in mind when purchasing.

Another thing to take into account is that when viewing a wood colour finish online, is that everyone’s monitor/phone/tablet screen will have a different colour calibration meaning the same photograph of a product can have very different colour outcomes.

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