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Garden Tables

Summer is a great time to invite friends and family around for a get together. A garden table is a great focal point for entertaining, be it a BBQ, a kids party or summer dinner party.

Table sizes

The size of benches you'll find on my website is limited to a few set sizes. Bespoke sizes are available on request, simply get in touch for further information and enquires.

Table Finish

Each bench type has its own option of finishes. These finishes include exterior wood stains, exterior paints, exterior varnishes and oils.


When constructing my garden benches I always use long lasting exterior decking screws, exterior coach screws or bolts.

Building Material

Most garden benches are made from pressure treated pine or spruce to help protect against rot and insect damage. This includes decking board benches. 

Table Feet

Adjustable screw in feet are available on request for at a cost.


Where glue is used on a garden bench, I always use an exterior water resistant non toxic glue along side brad nails or decking screws.

Bird hole and front panel size

The following sizes are for guidance only.
Bird hole size guide
bird hole size graphic illistration

My Nest Boxes

Tree Trunk Texture

Featherstone Hanging Nest Box

The Featherstone hanging nest box also comes as a wall mounted nest box and as with all my nest boxes, fixings and fittings are included in the price.

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